2018-19 White Team

The 7th grade White team had a season of great development with many ups and downs this past Spring as they competed in the Spring JMC League and four tournaments/shoot-outs.   The team welcomed five new players to the Nittany Valley family while returning five veteran players.  Highlights of the season included:

  • Final Four appearance in the Juniata Valley March Madness Tournament
  • 2-2 finish in Scranton Shootout after 0-2 start.
  • Semi-Final appearance in the Legendz End Of Summer Tournament
  • 100-Rebound Seasons by Olivia Smith, Alexa Russell and Lindsey Schneider
  • 300 career points reached by Diana Tsarnakova
  • 550 career rebounds reached by Olivia Smith
  • 100 career steals reached by Diana Tsarnakova, Olivia Smith and Hannah Kopac

 #3 Guard
Maddie Rockower

Maddie competed in first season with the Legends this past spring.  She brings a very intense attitude to the court and was asked to run the ship as the primary point guard at which she grew as a player and leader throughout the season.  Maddie led the team in assists and was fourth in Offensive Rebounds, Steals, Blocks, FG Made, FG %, FT %, Points and Points Per Game.
#10 Post
Alexa Russell

Alexa completed her first season with the Legends this past Spring.  Playing primarily in the post, Alexa was an offensive threat who showed nice post moves to  get to the basket as well as a nose for the ball on defense.  She came up with many big steals on defense and could bring the ball up the court with nice ball handling skills.  Alexa tied for the team lead in offensive rebounds and was second in defensive rebounds and total rebounds, third in blocks and points,  and fifth in steals, FG Made, FG %, FT % and points per game.
Olivia Smith

Olivia completed her third year as a Legend.  She is a powerful rebounder and threat in the paint. 


Olivia completed her third year as a Legend this past spring.  She showed great athleticism on the court this season on both the defensive and offensive end of the court.  For the first time in her career, Olivia was pulled out of the post and was able to play the wings; probably her true position on the court.  She has great ball handling skills, a nice outside shot and the strength and speed to get the ball to the basket off the dribble.  Olivia led the team in defensive rebounds and total rebounds.  She was second in offensive rebounds, steals, FG Made, points and points per game, third in assist and 3-pointers made and fifth in blocked shots.

Olivia Smith played on the White team in the JMC Fall league.  Olivia became a big contributor over the season with her defense and rebounding, and opportunistic scoring.  She was 3rd on the team in rebounding in the JMC league and had 12 points.  She also played in the Redbank Valley Jr High Tournament where she was a force. She was second on them team with 28 rebounds over 5 games and was 3-4 from the line.  She was instrumental in the failed comeback against Redbank Valley and the 3rd place clinching win when she had 8 rebounds.  She finished the season with 52 rebounds. In her career Olivia has 432 rebounds and 138 points.

Diana Tsarnakova


Diana completed her third year with the Legends this past Spring.  Diana took on a new role for the team this year as a leader.  Her overall game improved from last year to this immensely and it showed on the court.  Diana jumped right out of the gate with a 54 point performance in four games at the Scranton shootout and never looked back.  Diana is extremely fast and has great ball handling skills which helps her get to the basket quickly.  She also has nose for the ball on defense getting steals that lead to breakaway lay-ups.  This past Spring Diana led the team in steals, FG Made, FG %, 3-pointers made, FT %, points and points per game.  She was She was third in offensive rebounds, fourth in assists and fifth in defensive rebounds and total rebounds.

Diana played on the Blue and White Legends teams in the Fall leagues.  She came off the bench in the Summit league (Blue Team) to score 12 points.  She scored 4 points in the victory over the Hot Shots 7th grade team.  In the JMC league (White Team) she was 5th on the team in scoring with 24 points and was tied for 3rd in rebounding.  She was third on the team in steals.  She had 6 points in the victory over Bishop Guilfoyle.  In her career Diana has 229 rebounds, 92 steals and 208 points.

 #12 Guard
Jilllian Rounsville

Jillian competed in her first season as a Legend this past Spring.  Jillian is an aggressive defender from the shooting guard position.  She showed great improvement throughout the year on her ability to open herself up to get her shot off.  She also is a very unselfish player who usually looks for the pass before her own shot.  She often teamed with other guards on the team to present a very hard top line of the 2-3 zone defense that the team played so well the Spring.  Jillian led the with the fewest turnovers this past season.
Katie Uhl

Katie completed her third year on the Legends.  She is a strong passer with a great ability to find the open player.


Katie complete her third year as a Legend this past Spring.  Katie has developed over the years into a deadly shooter, tenacious defender and a strong rebounder for her size.  She is not afraid to mix it up with post players to get after a rebound.  Katie was second on the team in FT %.  She was also third in assists and offensive rebounds and fifth in points.

Katie Uhl played for the White team in the JMC Fall league.  Katie was a solid player off the bench over the course of the year and scored the Legends first basket of the year.  In the JMC league she had 4 points and 4 assists to go with 14 rebounds.  She also played in the Redbank Valley Jr High Tournament where she was major contributor in several games.  Katie scored in the tough win over Clarion Limestone and was a key player in the start of the comeback against Redbank Valley that fell short tallying 2 assists.  Katie also scored in the 3rd place clincher and played defense on the other team’s best player down the stretch.  On the season Katie had 7 assists and 17 rebounds.  In her career Katie has 40 assists, 121 rebounds and 53 points.

Hannah Kopac

Hannah completed her third year as a Legend.  She is a tenacious  defender and a long range shooter.


Hannah completed her third year as a Legend this past Spring.  Hannah brought her defensive intensity to the floor as usual this past Spring. She primarily played shooting guard, but was also the second point guard for most of the season; a position she hasn’t played since her first year as a Legend.  Hannah works extremely hard on both ends of the court.  She has a nice left hand that she likes to use to get by defenders to get her shot off.  Hannah was second on the team in 3-pointers made.  She also was third in steals and fourth in assists.

Hannah Kopac played on the White team in the JMC Fall league.  Hannah became a strong contributor off the bench as the season progressed playing her best basketball down the stretch.  She scored on a beautiful left handed layup in a tough loss to Bishop Guilfoyle.  She got to the foul line 10 times, mostly drawing fouls after rebounds.  In her career Hannah has 82 steals to go with 11 assists and 64 points.

 #21 Post
Lindsey Schneider

Lindsey competed in her first season as a Legend this past Spring.  Lindsey showed a real love for the game throughout the season and developed greatly as a player.  By the end of the season, Lindsey developed into both an offensive and defensive threat from the post.  Opposing offenses had a hard time finding points in the paint when Lindsey was in the middle of the 2-3 zone.  Lindsey led the team in offensive rebounds and blocked shots.  She was third in defensive rebounds, total rebounds, FG Made, FG % and points and fifth in points per game.
 #45 Post
Abigail Bigger

Abigail competed in her first season as  Legend this past Spring.  Abigail is a very fast and strong athlete.  She uses her speed on the defensive end of the court to hustle back and stop easy break away lay-ups from happening and then uses her strength on the boards as a tenacious rebounder.  Abigail developed a nice skill set throughout her first season including ball handling and an ability to get to the basket and draw fouls.  Abigail led the team in rebounds per game played.  She also was second in FG %, third in offensive rebounds, fourth in defensive rebounds, total rebounds and fifth in assists.


Kayla "K-Hops" Hopkins

Kayla completed her fourth year as a Legend this past Spring splitting her time between the 7th grade White team and the 8th grade Blue team.  Kayla showed great improvement in rebounding this past season and became a defensive threat in the post.  Kayla has a nice shot and the ability to get herself open to take that shot.  Kayla second on the team in assists and blocked shots, third in FT % and points per game, and fifth in offensive rebounds and total points scored.

Kayla also plays on the Blue Team.  Please see that page for details.

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