2017-18 5th Grade Girls

Team Highlights

The 5th Grade Legends completed a successful inaugural season with a 9-6 record. The Legends were a young team with a third grader, three 4th graders and five 5th graders, several of which were playing travel basketball for the first time. They competed in the JMC Winter League against more seasoned teams. They beat each team in their division once, and lost one game in overtime. The Legends finished the season strong with a three game sweep in the Clearfield Spring Shootout. The team averaged over 22 points per game on 25% shooting from the floor. Highlights of the season included their first win, over an experienced Holidaysburg Team, clinched on a last second layup, and a thrilling four point win over eventual league champions, Brakoo. The Legends travelled to Clearfield twice for shootouts, and finished 5-0.


Sarah Tate


Lydia "LT"Tate


Reese Fischer

Sarah Tate developed into an outstanding two-way player at all five positions in her second season as a Legend. Her main contributions came as a point guard and post, as she became an equal threat on the inside, outside and driving. She also plays on the 6th grade team.

Sarah led her team in scoring (109 points, 7.2 pg), three pointers (3), rebounds (127, 8.5 pg), steals (31) and blocked shots (57, 3.8 pg). She shot 36% from the floor. Had 13 points and 14 rebounds in 20-15 victory against first place Brakoo in JMC winter league. Hit game clinching lefty layup in first win of the season. Had season high 15 points vs. Clearfield.

She played last year on the 5th grade Legends team, and on the Fall 2017 6th grade team on which she led the team in scoring.

Lydia “LT” Tate worked herself into a dynamic point guard that could score off the dribble and from the outside, playing up one year on the 5th grade team. As the season progressed she became a strong distributor of the ball. She also plays on the 6th grade team.

LT was led the team in assists with 16 and was third in scoring with 50 points. She was fourth on the team in rebounds with 39, and first among the guards. She also had 13 steals. LT had 2 assists and 7 rebounds in big win over first place Brakoo, including the shot that gave the Legends the lead. Had 3 assists, 7 rebounds and career high 13 points on 6-8 shooting vs. Clearfield.

She played last year on the 5th grade Legends team, and on the Fall 2017 6th grade team.

Reese Fischer is a veteran that plays all three guard positions. Reese has won a championship, has had a second place season and an undefeated season in past years with the Legends. This year she was a strong scorer, defender and point guard for her team.

Reese was second on the team in assists with 10, and fourth in scoring with 40 points, hitting 25% from the floor. She was also third on the team with steals with 18. Reese had a career high 10 points on 4-7 shooting in a close loss to the 6th grade Dragonhoopla team. She had 12 points in the three game Clearfield Shootout.


Reese played over 40 games on the 6th grade Legends while in fourth grade, as part of a championship team. She provided depth at guard and strong defense. She played extended minutes in the three game championship playoff sweep. Had a career high 4 points vs. Tyrone.


Lily Williams


Sarah Williams


Love' McGriff

Lily Williams finished her first year as a Legend, playing up one year as a 4th grader on a 5th grade team. Lily is one of the fastest Legends and quickly developed into an aggressive defender and long range shooting threat.

Lily had 21 points and was fourth on the team in steals with 17. She also forced many jump balls by tying up offensive players. Had 6 assists on the season. Scored 8 points in each of the Clearfield Shootouts. Her most productive game came against Clearfield when she score 6 points to go with 2 assists, 4 rebounds and 2 steals.

Sarah Williams completed her first year as a Legend, playing up one year as a 4th grader on a 5th grade team. Sarah develop into a tough inside player that battled for every rebound and loose ball, and developed a nice short bank shot.

Sarah had 33 rebounds on the year, including 20 offensive rebounds, despite often being the smallest post on the court. She also scored 14 points, almost all on tough contested inside shots. Was second on the team with 11 rebounds in the first two game Clearfield shootout, where she also scored 6 points.

Love’ McGriff finished her first season as a Legend. Love’ began to user her great athleticism to her advantage as she became a very intelligent player, leading to many steals, rebounds and defensive stops in the post.

Love' had 26 points on the season and was third on the team in rebounding with 63. She had 40 offensive rebounds. Love’ also had 13 steals and forced many jump balls. Her most important plays came in a two point loss to Holidaysburg when she forced OT with two huge shots down the stretch. Led the team with 7 points on 3-4 shooting and 7 rebounds in that game. Had 6 points in the final game of the year on 3-5 shooting.


Sarah Mellott


Lindsey Dietz


Clare Banker

Sarah “Batman” Mellot played up two years, competing on a 5th grade team as a third grader. Batman played all three guard positions, increasing her time at point guard as the season progressed. Batman was an aggressive defender and capable ball handler.

Batman was second on the team with 20 steals, including a career high 6 against Clearfield. She also had 5 assists and 2 blocked shots on the season. Her biggest contributions came as a disruptive defender that constantly challenged opposing players, causing turnovers.

Lindsey Dietz completed her first season as a Legend and established herself as a solid three-guard on the left side of the court. She was the primary in-bounder for the team, and was a key playmaker.

Lindsey was third on the team in assists with 10, and had 20 offensive rebounds. She became a strong defender at the top of the zone, grabbing 10 steals and forcing many jump balls and turnovers. Lindsey was second on the team with 8 steals in the first Clearfield shootout. Scored 6 points in a game twice, both times against Clearfield. Had two games where she made 50% or more of her shots.

Clare Banker completed her first year as a Legend and developed into a strong post player, able to score from both sides of the basket. She became a tough rebounder and interior defender.

Clare was second on the team in scoring with 57 points, shooting 32% from the floor. She was second on the team in offensive rebounds with 55, and total rebounds with 80. Led the team shooting 44% from the foul line. She hit the game clinching basket in the big win vs. Brakoo. Had team high 26 points in the three game Clearfield Shootout on 50% shooting, including a career high 10 in the last game.