Team Highlights


Eliana Vinca



Emma Kaniecki

Brighid Duffy

This is Eliana's first year as a Legend.

Eliana quickly developed into strong post for the Legends, becoming a strong rebounder with nice touch around the basket. She was third on her team in rebounds with 54, 18 of which came in her last three games. Had 19 rebounds and 9 points in the Lewisburg Fall Fest. Also grabbed 21 steals and scored 33 points in the fall season.

This is Brighid's first year as a Legend. She is a 5th grader playing up one year.

Brighid improved as the fall season progressed which resulted in more playing time. She scored her first two points in the Lewisburg Fall Fest tournament in a victory. She also played point guard for the first time in that game. Brighid played a big role in the season’s final game again Mifflin County.

This is Emma's first year as a Legend.

Emma had an immediate impact on the Legends. She was the primary inbounder for the team and a top offensive option. She was second on the team in scoring, rebounds and steals in the JMC Fall league. Had her personal high in points with 13 vs. Becks. Overall for the Fall season she was third on the team in scoring (70 points), assists (19) and steals (27) and had 49 rebounds.


Kacie Kempf

This is Kaci's first year as a Legend.


Elise "The Beast" Bechtel

This is Elise's second tenure as a Legend.


Mira "The Miracle" Coble


Shae Dwyer

This is Shae's first year on the Legends.

Kacie developed into the team’s secondary inbounder and the top defender off the bench as the season progressed. She finished the fall season 5th on the team in assists with 6. Four of her assists came in the Lewisburg Fall Fest. She had six points in the fall season

Elise had a strong fall season playing substantial time at point guard as the season progressed. She had 13 assists (4th on the team), 47 points (4th on the team), and 27 steals (3rd). She had a very strong Lewisburg Fall Fest in which she scored 13 points (3rd on the team) and had her first career three pointer. Finished the season strong with 10 points in the double headers against Mifflin.

This is Mira's 3rd year as a Legend in addition to her participation in some games in the past season. Mira is a floor leader at point guard and is a very well-rounded player. She completed her third year as a Legend. Mira has 109 points and 27 assists in her career.

This year she is participating as a practice player.


Mira played in a double header in the Philipshburg League and helped the team to a 2-0 record with 9 assists.


Mira played in 2 games in the outdoor double header in Lewistown. Mira played point guard both games and showed great poise running the offense despite playing up one year. Mira was perfect from the foul line and had a beautiful pass leading to a layup for a teammate.

Shae participated in the last four non-conference games against Mifflin County and has already made huge strides. She is a strong on-ball defender and finds the open player consistently. She had 5 assists and 4 steals in just four games.


Mira led her team in shooting percentage (24%) and was tied for second on the team in assists (16) and was second in scoring (53 pts). She uses both her left and right hands to score and make plays. She had 12 points against Mifflin County in the Little Cats Holiday Tournament on 6/10 shooting. She was 2nd in assists and 3rd in steals in the JMC Winter League and tied for the most points in the JMC 5th Grade Fall League. She finished with 51 rebounds and 41 steals on the season. For her career Mira has 103 points, 103 rebounds, 70 steals and 17 assists.


Mira Coble had a stellar first season playing both post and guard. She was second on the team in assists with 6, 4th in rebounds with 52, 4th on the team in steals with 26 and 2nd in scoring with 50 points. Developed into a strong ball handler with both hands. Had the game winning basket in the semi-final win in which she had 4 points and 6 rebounds. Had 10 points in victory over the Hot Shots.


Kylee Collins

This is Kylee's first year as a Legend.


Aryana McCleary

This is Aryana's first year as a Legend.


Juliet Jones

This is Juliet's first year as a Legend. She is looking to develop as a post and guard.

Kylee is developing into a strong presence on the inside. She has improved her rebounding, defense and scoring as the season progressed. Kylee had 5 of her 13 rebounds and 6 of her 8 points in the final double header of the season.