Team Highlights


Avery Kopac

Avery played up 2 years and had a fine first season.  She is a terrific on-ball defender and passer.  She led her team in assists,

 # 12

Serena Mikesic 

 Serena has great court vision and is very versatile.  She can ply post or point guard.  She was second on her team in rebounds and scored 27 points.

 # 14

Kate Kempf 

Kate is a strong defender and playmaker.  She uses her strength to rebound.

# 4

Serenity Shinka

Serenity uses her speed to grab steals and drive down the court.  She had 18 steals on the season.


Winter Smith 

Winter uses her size and quickness on defense.  She grabbed 18 rebounds and 12 steals.


Carly Reinhardt 

Carly played two years up.  She is an aggressive defender who handles the ball well.

 # 1

Sloane "Sly" Shetler 

Sloane is a dynamic ball handler and strong defender.  She led the team in steals and was second in assists and points (29).


Grace Lichting 

Grace is a very aggressive defender and rebounder.  She also handles to ball very well.


Eliana Krentzman 

Eliana is a strong ball handler and defender.  She was second on the team in steals and had 18 points.


Maddie Saltsgiver 

Maddie is a dominant force on the inside on both both ends of the court.  She led the team in rebounds, blocked shots and points (50).

# 3

Mona "Mojo" Jackson

Mojo is a sharp passer and was third on the team in assists.  She was also an aggressive defender.